What to do if you are unable to sleep ?

When you go to bed to sleep and are unable to sleep, you wait for sleep to come. Change your sides, but unfortunately sometimes you are unable to sleep.

There can be various reasons for not being able to sleep. May be you are under stress or you have some tension, or you slept much during the day. Some times even though you are feeling sleepy, but are unable to sleep.

Instead of just lying on the bed, do the following:

1. Sit and rub your feet, give massage to your feet including sole's for 5 minutes each.

2. Massage both your calf's for 5 minutes each.

3. Rub your palm and massage your wrist upto elbow for 5 minutes each.

4. Massage you hand and feet, toes and fingers.

5. Sit. Keep your spine straight. Fold your hands and touch your shoulder's with your palm fingers and rotate your arms from your shoulder for 10 times.

6. Straighten your hands, close your palm with thumb inside your palm, touch both your closed palms together and rotate your palms.

7. Straighten your legs, keep them together and rotate your feet’s, both together ten times clockwise, ten times anti clockwise.

8. Lie down on your stomach, put your palms besides your shoulders, raise your chest and shoulders, bring them down. Do this for 5 times.

9. If you know about yoga, pranayam than do them. Just remember you need to be empty stomach to do some yoga and pranayam.

10. Meditation is a conscious sleep, which gives better results than sleep. If you had done meditation in past than do it now also, instead of just lying down and waiting to sleep.

Please take advice from registered medical practitioner before doing any form of exercise.

This is for people who do not have any illness and may not be able to sleep some times due to some stress or tension or due to any other reason.


  1. #10 is the one that I swear by. Even if somehow all you manage to do all night is meditate, you're still going to feel better in the morning than if you hadn't slept at all, or spent the night tossing and turning. Usually I fall asleep within a half hour of beginning to meditate anyway, so it always works well for me. Great article, I enjoy your posts!

  2. These tips are very useful. Thanx


  3. Kelly, yes meditation is the best.

    Thanks theme.

  4. is it possible to upload a video performing the above things Please? it will be very helpful. thanks for sharing the information