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Sit comfortably.

Keep your spine straight.

Inhale / Breath in with both the nostrils.

Fill up fully your lungs upto diaphragm with air.

Donot expand your stomach, expand your chest ribs.

Inhale / Breath in comfortably.

Exhale / Breath out with both nostril.

Exhale / Breath out comfortably.

(Exhale / Breath out with some force if you are experienced practitioner or if you are doing this exercise for more than a month)

Always take advice from registered medical practitioner before doing any exercise.

Do this breathing exercise for two to five minutes.

This breathing exercise is first step towards meditation.

This breathing exercise is good for lungs.

All breathing exercises are good for our whole physical body as well as our thinking process. They provide us more oxygen, calm our mind.

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