Reverse Pushups - Chakrasana - Urdhva Dhanurasana - Wheel Pose

Tones Spine

Strengthens triceps, wrists

Stretch abdominal muscles

Increase flexibility

Exotic Mugdal exercise - Bhartiya Indian Club exercise by Rajesh Sharma

Gain flexibility, coordination and upper body strength.

Increase mobility of upper body

Increase shoulder strength and flexibility

Improves core strength

Improves grip and forearm strength

Develops body co-ordination

Hindu Pushups - Bhartiya Pushups - Dand - Add Sexiness

Upper body exercises gives you a sexy look.

Hindu Pushups / Bhartiya Pushups / Dand is a great variation to regular pushups.

Rajesh Sharma shows you how to do Hindu pushups in the video.

Rajesh says, Hindu Pushups is great for chest, triceps. It is an excellent body weight workout.

Hindu Pushups also improves flexibility.

Hindu pushups is regularly done by current and ancient wrestler also called pahalwan of India sub-continent.

It was favorite exercise of the Great Gama Pahalwan who used to do 1000 to 2000 Hindu Pushups.

Body balance on elbows, Mayurasana, Peacock pose

Benefits of  Mayurasana - Peacock pose

Improves efficiency of Digestive and organs.

Digestive and excretory systems function well.

Removes excess fat on stomach.

It strengthens the abdominal muscles. It helps trim pot belly.

Muscles of hands wrist become sturdy.

Efficiency of kidneys and adrenal glands improves

Good for improving balance, concentration

Helps remove toxins from body.


Any abdominal disorders or pain;
Very weak wrists.
Not to do in pregnancy, menstruation.

It is one of the most difficult asana, take help of yoga instructor to learn it.

Halasana - The Plough Pose by Rajesh Sharma

Benefits of Halasana

  • Strengthen Abs
  • Improve functioning of thyroid and parathyroid glands
  • Improve flexibility of Spinal Column
  • Improve health of nerve fibres originating from spinal column
  • Improve blood circulation around the vertebrae column
  • Improve working of liver and spleen and cure their sluggishness
  • Eliminate complaints of indigestion, constipation, excessive passage of urine, gases etc.

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