Difference between Pranayam and Meditation

Pranayam are breathing exercises which helps us to have control over our breath.

Pranayama helps us to have easy and controlled breath that does not waver with emotions.

Meditation is an exercise / conscious effort in concentrating / focusing the mind on something, or a conscious mind with no thoughts.

Pranayam and Meditation are complimentary to each other.

Pranayam is study of breath and comes before Meditation.

Pranayam is one of the path to achieve Meditation.

Pranayam makes our mind ready for meditation.

Doing Pranayam before Meditation leads us to Meditate easily.

Meditation is consciously concentrating whole of your mind on one single thought or no thought at all.

Meditation is a kind of conscious sleeping. That is sleeping being aware of your surroundings. During sleep we are not aware about our surroundings while in meditation you should be aware of you surrounding.

Meditation can be achieved through various ways, Pranayam is one of them. Meditation can also be achieved through one's work or through devotion.


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