What would trouble do to you, even trouble cannot trouble you - Kinda Zen Story

Tom had just completed his evening walk and jogging, and was sitting on a bench in the Central Park enjoying the evening.

A Palmist, who had completed his evening walk came by and sat on the seat besides Tom.

Palmist started talking with Tom. Palmist introduces himself and started having a look at palm of Tom.

Palmist:: The lines on your palm show that you are in deep trouble and trouble is going to increase.

Palmist:: To come out of trouble Tom, you will have to perform certain rituals on the bank of certain river.

Tom:: Would it cost to perform the ritual or is it free?"

Palmist:: It would cost around $ 500 to perform the ritual as I will have to go to the banks of certain river and buy certain items for performing the ritual.

Tom:: I do not have $ 500 with me.

Palmist: How much money do you have?

Tom: I have not money with me.

Palmist: Ok, I will reduce certain ritual item, just pay me $ 300, and I will perform the ritual and you will not have to face the trouble.

Tom: But I do not have any money.

Palmist: Ok, I will help you, pay me just $ 100, and you will be out of trouble.

Tom: I told you I do not have any money.

Palmist: Ok, just pay me traveling expenses of $ 25 and I will add your ritual with the ritual of my other client so that it does not cost you more.

Tom: Sir I do not have even $ 5 with me.

Palmist: Do not worry, if you do not have any money, what would trouble do to you, even trouble cannot trouble you.

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