11 differences between Yoga and Normal Exercise

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Normally all movements in Yoga are round movements. Hands and Legs, Torso, Body is moved in natural round movement.

In normal exercise round movement are not used much.

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In Yoga movements are relaxed.

In normal exercise movements are forced.

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In Yoga chances of sore muscle are almost negligible.

In normal exercise sore muscle is sign of good exercise.

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Yoga concentrates on joint, muscles, stomach, pancreas, liver, intestine, mind, lungs, tongue, eyes, etc.

Normal exercise concentrates on developing muscles.

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If yoga is done regularly, there is no chance of catching cold, flu and many other diseases.

While in normal exercise cold and flu recurs.

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In yoga when body expands we should inhale and when body contracts we should exhale.

Such rules are not thought while doing normal exercises.

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Normally Yoga is done to keep our self healthy.

Normal exercise is done to make our body beautiful, strengthen muscles.

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Yoga relaxes us.

Other exercises do not relax us to the extent yoga does.

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Yoga is very ancient practice

Normal exercise is quite new.

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Yoga does not require any other machine than our body.

Normal exercises may require machines and other tools.

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Yoga is done slowly and steadily.

In normal exercise speed may be important.



  1. This is a GREAT list. Although I do yoga I had not thought of all this. It encourages me to continue my practice. I did not know yoga affected all those organs. I love how it relaxes and yet makes me feel clearer in my mind and more uplifted in my spirit. Thank you for sharing all this. Hope you are well, Robin :)

  2. Robin, thanks for sharing, actually there are various yogic exercise for all parts of body. There are yogic exercises for inner body. There are whole range of yogic exercises.

  3. My brothers both do yoga and have been trying to get me to do it for years. I took a class once where we did yoga, but because of my weight was unable to do some, so I gave it up. Now, with low back problems, and other physical conditions, I'm interested in it again. Thank you Rajesh for telling me about your site.

    Michelle (from facebook)