The easiest ways to live in present

The easiest ways to live in present are

1. Inhale and exhale. Breathe in and breathe out

2. Every few minutes check if you are breathing or not

3. Pinch yourself

4. Feel your feet touching the floor

5. If you are indoors see the things around you, like ceiling, floor, computer, bed, laptop, door, window

6. Do some light exercise like stretching

7. If you feel comfortable massage your head and pull your hair

8. Read your child’s current class books

9. Talk to your children or spouse or parents or neighbors or friends or coach with whom you feel comfortable

10. Go for a walk

11. During walk identify trees, cars, people, shops, shopping malls, plants, birds, sea, lights

12. Do basic yogasana and pranayama

13. Eat something tasty in small quantity

14. Tap your feet for 5 minutes

15. Clap for 5 minutes

16. Sing a song

17. Whistle for few minutes

18. Laugh

19. Ring your doorbell

20. Play with your bunch of keys

21. Cut to pieces your old credit card

22. Clean your drawers and cupboards

23. Play games for 30 minutes depending on your age and physical condition.

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