Benefits of Pranayama

These are some of the benefits of doing Pranayama regularly

1. Resistance against diseases increases

2. Lungs performance improves

3. Digestive system improves

4. Immunity against diseases improves

5. Thinking becomes positive

6. Toxins are reduced from the body

7. Helps in reducing depression

8. Able to think more constructively

9. Brain functions improves

10. Reduce anger

11. Helps in meditation

12. Feel satisfied, happy, enthusiastic, stable, relaxed

13. Skin condition improves

14. Face brightens

15. Helps in reducing wrinkles

16. Helps in improving hair quality

17. Diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Allergy, Migraine, Respiratory problems, High blood pressure, Asthma can be avoided and controlled

18. Heart performance and condition improves

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