My class and bees

I was 16. Our class had sixty students. There were around 30 boys and 30 girls. We had our class during morning hours. Our class was on fourth floor. Their was one entrance door and a small window near the entrance door.

Their was a lobby outside this class entrance door and window.

Their were four rows of benches in the class. On the two rows of benches near the door, girls used to sit and boys used to sit on the next two rows of benches.

The wall opposite to the class entrance door had large windows. We can see our school large playground from these windows.

It was cool morning. Our smart statistics teacher was taking our class. Near our class window was a huge bee hive. I was sitting on the third bench of the third row.

Some students who were sitting near windows were throwing chalk sticks and paper balls on the bee hive. Within seconds thousands of bees entered our class room . Their was a total panic and chaos in the class.

Everybody ran out of the class. Thousands of bees were behind us. We ran towards the staircase. We crossed four class before reaching the stairs. Thousands of bees were still behind us.

We ran down the stairs, down to third floor, then second floor, then first floor, then ground floor. Hundreds of bees were still chasing us. We entered our school assembly hall and then to our big playground. Hundreds of bees were still chasing us. We ran one round of the playground. The bees had stopped chasing us. There were on bees around. We rested on the stage on our playground for few moments.

We walked towards our canteen.

We started taking stock of the situation, and wanted to know if bees had harmed anybody.

There were ten boys who were stung by the bees.

A bee had entered into the ear of one of our classmate. Another student slapped hard on his ear. The bee came out of his ear and flew away.

One student who was a karate practitioner was most stung by the bees. He had around 30 stings by the bees.

Others were stung 5 to 10 times.

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