11 steps to make your website appear more in search engine

How to make you website appear more in a Search Engine!

Here are 11 ( eleven ) steps to make your website search engine friendly:

Have good written content in your website.

Repeat the key word in your content which you want to appear in search engine.

Use 'flash' only if required.

If you use image add alt, that is an alternative label.

Blogs are search engine friendly as they have large contents. Have a blog on your website.

Website link should contain important keyword.

Website should open fast. It should not take long time to open. For example google and wikipedia websites open very fast.

Keep your website simple. It should contain contents related to your work of specialization. For example google and wikipedia are very simple websites but they are very popular.

Add Alexa and Compete to your browser for better ranking of your website. Make your website as default home page when your internet browser starts.

Add "title", "keyword", "description" tags to your website webpages.These are meta tags. Keep metatags different for each of your webpages.

Do not use "Click Here" as it is not your key word. Instead use the subject and link it.

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