Who invented, moon, earth, sun, solar system, universe, galaxies....?

When human beings make something, they say that they have created it.
They say that human have invented computer. They say that human have invented electricity. Electricity already existed on this earth or universe. The example is the lightning produced during rain and storms. A super computer already exists in human brain. Human beings think that they are the most intelligent living organism and they only have the power to create.Any human's so called invention gets dwarfed by even the smallest mountain range created on earth.

They say that buildings are made by human, Computers are made by human while earth and galaxies and human life and water and everything ( not invented by science ) are a natural process and not creations or inventions. H wants to prove that so called things invented by them are scientific and every thing else is not creation but it just exists due to natural process.

I would like to ask, who gave human their brain to think, who gave them their eyes to see. Who gave them life to think and do what they are doing.

They would say that it is natural process.

They explain that earth is balanced due to gravity and it rotates around Sun due to something like big bang theory. It is not build by anybody.

Earth is hanging ball in air. Is this not a creation. Is this just a natural process?

If earth, sun, water, mountains, human being are not creations then computer, motor cars, rockets, dams also are not inventions or creations, they are also natural process.

Why do human wants to take credit for that and do not want to give credit to nature for creation of universe.

Great thinking human being, If you make something it is your invention and if you get something like human body, sun, galaxies then that is just a scientific event.

Size of human being is nothing compared to our universe. Size of thing ( so called ) manufactured by human is nothing even when compared to this great manufacture of earth.

The so called manufacturing’s by human is nothing when compared to this creation of Universe.

Size of human made computer is nothing when compared to the great computer brain manufactured by nature.



  1. human is really a mastermind..one day he will be god.

  2. I can see some of you points as true, but I also can see some flaws. If you are asking the scientific community for the meaning of life they will just give you a whole list of scientific jargon. Mankind has a spiritual side and science is trying to explain the misconceptions of the different religions.

    I believe that every religion on this planet is both right and wrong at the same time. I haven't studied theology but I have read contradictions in every religion I have had the opportunity to study.

    If we can forget about trying to explain the spiritual truths with science we would be on a better path. The path to destruction which is the path that the masses seem to have chosen is littered with good intentions. The age old saying the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We have to believe in a higher power and that the higher power has given us all the opportunity to transform into spiritual beings.

    All of the science in the world has not been able to explain the human spirit other than to state that it has a nature will that it is unbending towards progress. If we can cast of our preoccupations we can find the deeper meaning of our spiritual being and the path we are meant to take towards spiritual evolution.

    That is just my opinion, love it or hate it, your choice.


  3. free running. If you think every thing is god, then even human is god. Human is a minute particle of this universe. Human creations are very very minute. Human are not able to solve the smallest puzzle created by God, that is life of Human itself.