Easy way to get intoxicated - Easy way to meditate

Take a walk comfortably or walk briskly or jog, (depending on your walking / jogging practice and experience) for 30 to 45 minutes.

While walking / jogging if possible inhale / breath in and exhale / breath out.

(Ha ha, you will say everybody inhale / breath's in and exhale / breath's out)

If possible just remember that you are inhaling / breathing in and exhaling / breathing out.

When you think that you are breathing in when you inhale and you are breathing out when you exhale, it is conscious breathing.

If possible jog for one minute at the end of the walk (If you are just walking).

(I am writing the term 'if possible' because while doing any exercise you should feel good and comfortable, specially for meditation and yogic exercises)

After walking / brisk walking / jogging sit comfortable with your spine straight.

As you have jogged for last minute or more at the completion of this walk / jog, you will be able to feel your breath.

After sitting comfortably with spine straight - "breath" (that is inhale / breath in and exhale / breath out) for two to thirty minutes as per your comfort level at one place. You can start with two minutes and go on increasing the time as per your comfort.

You should sit breathing after a walk or jog maximum for 45 minutes.

You may feel dizzy or intoxicated during this process. If you are new to this exercise and feel dizzy or intoxicated during this process - stop.

Remember always feel comfortable while doing any exercise.

If you feel comfortable continue it for 45 minutes.

Donot be aware of time, you will automatically feel like getting up after 45 minutes or even earlier.

Donot force yourself, if you feel like ending it, end it.

Always take recommendation from a registered medical practitioner before doing any exercise.

Congrats if you sit for two minutes or more, sitting comfortably, with your spine straight and breathing, you have successfully meditated.

You would say, "but I am always breating"

Yes dear friend, you are always breathing "but are you always aware that you are breathing".

Being aware that you are breathing is meditation.

Dear friends lets be aware of our breath and get intoxicated by breathing pure god gifted air, which is available free to those who put money value on everything and may be do not value things which are freely available.

God bless!


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