Easy Simple Way To Reduce Toxicity ( Toxin ) from Your Body

Easy way to remove toxic from you body is to follow these steps at least for a few days in a year.

You can follow this one day every month or one day every week or ten + days a year.

1. Close all Cell phone / Mobile phone / all other phone belonging to you.

2. Close Television belonging to you.

3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables.

4. Drink Water or Fruit Juice or Vegetable Soup.

5. If possible avoid any kind of use of electricity.

6. Speak minimum words. Speak only if required.

7. If possible try to be with your close family member's or be alone.

8. If possible do not think about money during this period.

9. Be aware that you have a nose and you are inhaling and exhaling through your nose. That is be aware that you are breathing through your nose.

10. Be aware that you have eyes and you are seeing beautiful things through your eyes.

11. Be aware that you have ears and you are listening beautiful sounds through your ear.

12. Be aware about your palm / hand / leg / foot touching the surface. Feel the surface. Is it smooth, harsh, cool, hot?

13. Be aware that you have tongue in your mouth, which helps you to taste, speak, swallow food, mix saliva.

14. Be aware of your beautiful body which enjoyed playing games when you were child.

15. Be aware that your ears have enjoyed sweet sound of birds when you were child.

16. Be aware that your nose has enjoyed beautiful smell of flowers.

17. Be aware that your eyes has seen beautiful greenary, rising sun, rising moon, colorful trees and flowers.

18. Be aware about the beautiful stories you have read or heard during your childhood.

19. Be aware about the games you played with your beautiful friends during your childhood.

20. If possible go for a walk in green garden or open area.


  1. Very Interesting Reminder, Thank you. These are the things we should always appreciate.

  2. and last but not least...get high

  3. good4love, yes we need to appreciate little things.

    dobry, thanks.