My tryst with Death and Soul

Once when I used to go for learning swimming, I was taken into deep water by my swimming instructor.

He asked me to practice in deep. It was my second or third day in swimming learning.

The swimming instructor started teaching a little child how to swim and forgot that I was practicing in the deep water in swimming pool.

I started to go down (drown) in water.

I started struggling to come out of the water, but went down and down.

Water started going into my chest and stomach, and I was sure that I was going to die.

That time I had an unusual experience,

How real it is I don't understand?

I ( my soul / spirit ) came out of the body and started moving with the wind and was floating with the wind.

It was not my body but my soul / spirit .

My body was still in water struggling to be alive and come out of water.

Due to some unknown force, tip of my index finger touched the leg of swimming instructor.

Swimming instructor turned back and down and saw that I was drowning, he took me out of water. Water had gone in my stomach and may be chest, I was conscious. My body lived.

This was a kind of after life experience, where I experienced my soul coming out of my body and moving up along with the wind, while my body was struggling to remain alive.

While drowning in the water and struggling to be alive I ( me, my soul ) could see the swimming pool and the Hotel where I was learning swimming.

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