My Mother

When I was about 13 or 14 years of age, I used to wear Contact Lenses.

I used to go to my school on BSA SLR.

My school was around 3 miles (5 Km) from my residence.

One day while coming back from school at a distance of around 2 miles, due to wind speed, the contact lense of one of my eye came out of my eye and fell on the road.

The road was quite dusty.

I stopped, went back to the place where I assumed my contact lens had fallen and started searching for it.

I searched for about 25 minutes, I could not find it.

I went home.

When I reached home I told about the incidence to my mother.

Now look at the grit and detemination of my mother.

My mother heard me. I told the location to my mother where my contact lens had fallen.

It fell near a light / electric pole near some bunglows before a 4 way cross road.

My mother went to that place and returned back in, I think, about 35 minutes.

And she found my contact lens. (Even though it was broken by some vehicle running over it.)

It was a impossible task made possible by my mother.

This is mother the whole mightly.

Lots of love to you mother

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  1. this is wonderful. There's a saying in my country, that "The love from a child is as long as a stick, the love from a mother is as long as a road" = Mother's love to her children is forever.