$700B Bailout is gift to reckless gamblers for gambling

There is nothing socialist about $700B bailout.

It is welfare for those bankers who gained from gamble of sub-prime.

In the current bailout, banks are being bailed out and not the American families who have faced and who may face mortgage foreclosure.

Would the American families facing the prospect of losing their homes be part of the bailout?

Would the bankers be made to pay for their reckless gambling?

The bailout focuses on restoring profitability to the investment banking sector who are the root of this crisis with the hope that the benefits will trickle down.

When we water the root of gambling by investment banker, the same plant of gamblers would grow again for another crisis.

The disease should be cured from the root, it should not be given tax payers money to grow again.

Hope derivative gamble players learn some yoga - pranayama, meditation, and follow the yama and niyama of yoga and get cured and stay away from gambling called derivative.


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