Financial crisis in USA is collapse of unwanted wants

Unwanted wants are created all over the world.

False happiness is sold to human in the form of unwanted materials.

Unnecessary want are created at unnecessary prices.

What is collapsing is false financial jugglery?

What does investment bankers do?

They take money from you, invest them in bets on Property and Commodities through Stock Exchanges and Commodity Exchanges, which increases the price of Stocks and Commodities. We think that price of our stock or property is increasing.

Actually this price is increased by these investment bankers using our own money invested in Stocks and Mutual Funds.

When these Stocks, Mutual Funds, Commodity exchanges fail, our money with Government is utilized to save these false wants.

This creates an air balloon in Property Market, Stocks and Commodities.

What has collapsed is the collapse of this balloon.

This happens when Property and Commodity is given more importance that Core Human Values.

I am extremely sorry if I hurt any investment banker. This is what I think. Investment Bankers please do not take this to your heart.


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