Bhujang Asana ( Bhujangasana )

Bhujang Asana ( Bhujangasana ) - Raised Cobra hood Pose

Steps to do Bhujangasana :

Lie prone / flat on your abdomen horizontally, face downward, tops of the feet on the floor.

Keep soles upward, legs and feet together.

Whole body including spine should be straight.


Bring palms flat on the side, on the floor under / below shoulder, elbows protude up at the back.

Slowly raise your head.

Start inhaling slowly.

While inhaling slowly raise head, neck, shoulders, chest and upper abdomen upto the navel above the ground with help of your hands, by straightening your hands.

Raise yourself with support of your hands.

Raise yourself above the ground in slow, smooth movement. There should be no strain raising your upper body.

Distribute the back bend evenly throughout the spine.

Gaze upwards, with arched back, with back curved spine on the support of hands.

Feel comfortable, donot strain or put undue pressure.

Hold the breathe and the pose till you feel comfortable, relaxed and without any strain.

Release back to the floor exhaling and return to the starting position.

Precautions :

Do not do this asana

If you are pregnant

Have back injury

Have hernia, peptic ulcer

Internal organ surgery

Have carpal tunnel syndrome

Have arthritis in spine or wrists

Advantages / Benefits :

It strengthens muscles near spine, thus giving strength to spine.

It strengthens wrists, arms, shoulders, abdomen, posterior, chest.

It stretches lungs, chest, abdomen and shoulders.

It opens heart and lungs.

It helps in reducing asthma.

It helps relieve fatigue and stress.

It helps reduce fat.

It relieves stiffness in the back and neck.

It stimulates appetite and improves digestive system.

It firms the buttocks.

Beneficial for back ache due to overwork or long hours of standing.

This exercise is good for sleep.


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