Just reducing your body fat would not make you healthy

If our body parts are not healthy and we reduce our fats, our body health would not improve much.

We need healthy inner and outer body to improve our health.

To get a healthy body, give exercise to each and every body part.

Body parts are outer body as well as inner body.

Our body parts include brain, stomach, intestine, liver, spleen, lungs, eyes, cornea, spinal cord, joints, cells, etc.

When we exercise we need to give exercise to all these body parts.

Just exercising to reduce our body fat would not make us much healthy.

How do we exercise all our body parts; inner as well as outer?

Yoga has exercise for all body parts, inner as well as outer body.

Yoga Asanas ( exercises ) are the exercises which give exercise to each and every body parts.

The biggest benefit of Yoga is that Yoga helps to improve each and every part of body.

In Yoga each and every body part is considered and given exercise.

If our inner body and outer body is healthy than body fats would not harm us.

If our inner and outer body parts are healthy than our body fats would balance themselves as per our body needs.

Normally Actors, obese people need to reduce body fat. Of course they need to improve their inner as well as outer body also.

Do not get too much obsessed with your body fat; instead concentrate on improving the health of your inner body parts like brain, lungs, stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, intestine, cornea etc.

If our inner body parts are not healthy, than just reducing out fats would not be of much help to improve our health. We also need to eat healthy food, have positive thinking.

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