Exercise for inner body Manduk Asan

In my earlier post Exercise for your inner body - Kapalbhati I explained a good breathing exercise Kapalbhati for inner body.

Mandukasan is another yogic exercise for inner body.

Please note in all Yogic exercises the way you breathe is highly important.

Try to learn how to breathe properly while doing yogic exercises.

Stand on your knees with both your feet touching each other.

Sit in Vajrasana, that is sit on your calf, with both the legs bent in the rear.

Both heels should be opened out.

Knees in the front touching each other.

Spine should be straight.

Fold your palms of your hands into fist with thumb inside your fist.

Touch thumbside of your fist besides your navel, fist facing each other.

Inhale deeply and then exhale completely.

Do not breathe when you bend down.

You may exhale while bending down.

Pull your stomach inside.

Bend / lower your torso / trunk / body down.

Face should look in front.

Eyes should look in front.

In this asana your chest would try to touch your knees.

When you bend down closed fist would be giving massage to your inner body.

Your fist would give pressure to your inner body parts in your tummy portion.

Your stomach, liver, spleen, intestine etc. would get a very good needed massage.

Be in this position for few seconds till you feel good and comfortable.

Start straightening slowly, inhaling slowly. While returning to normal position inhale slowly and relax.

Repeat this yoga exercise 3 to 5 times daily with empty stomach.

You should do this exercise after 5 hour of eating lunch or dinner or heavy meal.

This exercise would help your inner body juices to flow in a balanced way.

It improves digestion, reduces gastritis and constipation. Improves functioning of inner body like liver, pancreas, spleen etc.

This exercise is helpful in treating diabetes.

To understand the shape of this exercise, just let me add here that our legs take shape like frogs back leg.

Please take advise from a medical practitioner before starting any exercise.

Do not do this exercise if you have back pain, have undergone any surgery, or have other health problem.
Same exercise should also be done with open palms on your navel.

All above steps are same, except instead of using your fist you use open palm.

Place middle of one of your open palm on your navel, finger on one side of your navel and wrist on the other side of you navel.

And place your other palm on your first palm. Press the tummy inward and bend forward exhaling.


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