Difference between normal breathing and Pranayam ( Pranayama )

Simple or normal breathing is natural breathing. We donot think that we are breathing during normal or natural breathing. We do our normal daily routine and breathe. When we breathe and donot think or feel our breathe, it is normal breathing or simple breathing. During normal or simple breathing we are not aware that we are breathing.

During Pranayam, we breathe consciously. We feel our breathe, we control our breathe, we know that we are breathing. During Pranayam ( Pranayama ) we are aware about our breathe. We are aware that we are inhaling and exhaling. We may breath from one nostril and exhale from same or other nostril. We may inhale for number of seconds, and exhale for number of seconds and keep track of it. We may stop our breath for few seconds.

When we are breathing consciously and controlling our breathe, that is Pranayam. ( Pranayama )

Pran means breath and ayama is control. Pranayam means control of breath.

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