Play of world

Is a handsome man. He grew up in the laps of mountains. He was born in mountains and played in mountains. He love nature. He is creative, playful and funloving.

He likes to be with goats and sheeps and horses. He always carry a long stick with him. Sometimes he wear cowboy hats.

He enjoys all wheather conditions. He romances with the nature. He adores the terrains of the

His communication is nature. He can communicate with mountains, streams, lakes, trees, birds,

He is carefree. Always with himself and his nature.

He has creative mind and happiness like a child. He laughs as well as cry as he feels.

His thinking flies like a bird and is as light a clouds.

His thinking is like a rose which spreads fragrance but to reach it one needs to go across the thorns.
He is eternally happy. A lucky man.

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