My - Gulmohar - Flamboyant tree - Royal poinciana

I have a Royal poinciana - Gulmohar - Flamboyant tree in my front garden.

It was born in 1989, planted in a corner outside my home by my parents. It's beautiful tall tree with branches spread all over, green leaves, red flower.

Recently a new neighbour who came to live opposite my home wanted to cut this one of the most beautiful tree of the world.

I don't understand why one would want to cut the most beautiful tree of the world.

The new neighbor say that the tree branch is coming near their house, they say that leaves of this beautiful tree create a lot of waste dried leaves and dried branches.

Oh! I did not understand their logic.

They called a woodcutter and cut the branches of the tree which was coming near their house.

I would love to have branches of trees touch my home.

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