Be healthy to make our near and dear happy

Always be healthy. If we are healthy our near and dear would be able to enjoy life along with us.

If we are healthy we can make ourself as well as others happy.

We should devote sometime everyday to improve our health.
We have our parents, our siblings, our spouse / partner, our children, friends, well wishers, we want to see them happy.

We should take care, what we eat, how much we sleep, do exercise, do yoga, pranayam, meditation, follow healthy lifestyle.

Be Healthy and Wealthy


  1. I think this is EXCELLENT advice. If we all looked at health from this perspective we might take better care of ourselves. All parents should read this because they have children that depend on them being healthy for a very long time. This is fantastic insight that could give people incentive. Thank you for looking at the world and our human interconnectedness in this way.

  2. Robin, yes, you are absolute correct.