Hey world Socialism is in - Senate passes $700B financial bailout

Hey world,

Our Senate passes $700B financial bailout, we are not for free market.

We are moving towards socialism.

We are nationalizing our companies.

Our Senate do not believe in free economy.

We have learned from Socialist economy like Russia, that Socialism is winning.

We will not be able to thump our chest and say that free economy is best.

We are winning war all over the world, but unable to sustain our free economy.

We have lost financial war in our own so called "free economy"


  1. Unfortunately Socialism has been here for a while: Just one example is the government run education system.

  2. let us hope that the house of reps dont pass the revised bailout scheme.

    I have a lot to say about this but I think the comment page is not enough. Its really disturbing just how powerful companies have become. i thought the US wanted laissez faire - why the bailout scheme now?

    personally, i don't think that socialism is wrong. in theory socialism means giving the needs of the people, unfortunately, people have a way of misrepresenting good ideologies. what's wrong is corporatism - the merging of state power and corporations. the state starts having problems when this happens because it cannot identify what its true purposr is - to create profit or to help its citizens.