Financial Crisis

The way the prices of stocks and commodities were rising without any reason and without any under supply or excess demand, showed that this rise in prices was pure betting. I knew that this was a balloon. And recent fall in stock market and failure of some large investment bankers have proved it.

I graduated in the field of finance and worked in this field for more than 15 years, but I never liked working in this field. I had to accept what Lehman Bros said, without reasoning. I had to prepare projections based on projections data made available by Morgan Stanley and Lehman Bros, even though I felt the projections to be false.

Price of real estate would rise if there is demand, but if the demand is created, where individuals buy 4th and 5th house for investing purpose without there being the need for them, it is obvious that unnecessary rigged up price of that commodity would fall.

This financial crisis is very good opportunity for people who have cash with them to buy cheap stocks within 6 months from now.

Actual demand for products would never decrease. Human will always need, what is needed for their survival.

What will decrease is the unwanted wants.

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