Highlights of Google Chrome

These are some of the highlights of Google Chrome :

1. Stability when writing important email or editing a document. Whole browser would not crash.

2. It willbe faster. It will start faster, load pages faster.

3. It will be faster for Web Apps, Javascript.

4. It will be more secure. It will be disadvantage to Malware.

5. It will be clean, simple and efficient.

6. It is fully open souce browser.

7. It will have seperate processes rendering seperate tabs. Each having its own memory and its own copy of the global data structures.

8. One tab can be busy, while using all others.

9. This is great function, If there is a browser bug, only one tab will be lost. Great. I love it. Whole browser would not crash if one tab goes down.

10. It will use a bit more memory up front due to multi process design but it will have less memory bloat. When Tab is closed in Google Chrome, whole process ends, while this is not the case with current browsers. Hence for more tab usage, Chrome will use less memory. As soon as a leaky tab is closed, immediate we get that leaky memory back. Great.

11. Google Chrome will let us know what sites are using most memory, downloading the most bytes

12. We can see Plug ins within the tab, as they appear in Chrome Task manager as seperate process. So that we can eliminate the process which is misbehaving.



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