Our body and life style

Nature has provided our body with all the equipments to keep us healthy.

It is we, who with wrong lifestyle make our body unhealthy.

We are not aware that we are leading a wrong lifestyle because we are not thought about it nor we are thought to make conscious effort to lead a healthy life style.

We are not aware because we do not make conscious effort to correct it.

For example while going for jogging or for long walk, many people have ear plug in their ears connected to i-pods or cell phones. They hear songs or music or I do not know what. Some keep it loud, some keep it low. Some talk on their cell phone while jogging or on morning or evening walk. Here along with healthy habit of jogging or walking we are adding an un healthy practice of which we are not aware.

Another example, sometimes we have to rush to meeting at lunch hour, we do not get time to lunch so we eat unhealthy fast food or skip our lunch. This is unhealthy practice about which we may not be aware.

It is we who can keep our body healthy by being conscious about it, by being conscious about what we eat, how we live, what we exercise, what we say, where we stay.

We are exposed to good and bad viruses, bacteria every day. It is our immune system, which identify them and keep good healthy ones and attacks the unhealthy invaders.

We need to have physical and mental balance. We need to be in harmony with nature. We need to have a lifestyle which flows with nature.

We need to keep each and every part of our body by consciously giving exercise to them. Just making outer body look good is not enough. Inner body also needs to be in good condition.

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