The Moving Meditation - Tai Chi

My interest in Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation has lead me to another form of deep breathing and meditation exercise which is called Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a complete package. It is a low impact aerobics, it includes breathing exercise, it includes meditation.

In Tai Chi body is moved slowly and gently along with deep conscious breathing and meditating.

It is a low impact form of aerobic exercise.

There are various forms of meditation, Tai Chi is also one form.

Tai Chi is a moving meditation.

Tai Chi involves series flexible, supple, slow and relaxed movements, like the movements of 5 animals : snake, crane, tiger, leopard and dragon.

The movements in Tai Chi are performed in a gentle uniform speed.

One Tai Chi style contains minimum of 13 movements.

All movements are continous process. There is no break in movement, each movement flows into the next.

In Tai Chi entire body is always in motion.

In Tai Chi breathing should be focused, deep and relaxed.

Body should also be relaxed.

In Tai Chi meditation can be achieved by maintaining or focusing on a specific posture.

While doing Tai Chi we can imagine that a string goes from the top of our head in to the heaven and the body's weight is sinking to the soles of the feet.

Benefits of Tai Chi are:

1. It improves over all wellness

2. It strengthen muscles

3. It is a low impact form of exercise

4. It improves co-ordination and flexibility

5. It eases pain and stiffness. Help in arthritis

6. It improves sleep

7. It massages the internal organs

8. It improves balance

9. It increases calmness and awareness

10. It aids in exchange of gases in the lungs.

11. It helps digestive system work better.

Tai Chi is beneficial exercise for older people, as it is gentle and can be modified if a person has health limitations. Tai Chi is a relatively safe practice.


  1. How I can learn Tai Chi? Is it beter than Ramdev baba's show?

  2. ritu, everybody have different choices. His holiness Ramdev baba's yoga, pranayam is one of the best. It keeps us completely healthy. Tai Chi is different. Sometime people get bored doing same exercise everyday, so Tai Chi is a good variant. I will be posting the method to do Tai Chi, on this blog in few days.