Facebook is a no no for bloggers

Bloggers donot waste time on Facebook.

Instead give time to write good original contents for your own blog.

Facebook does not allow you to promote your blog.

If you promote your blog on Facebook they will block your account.

Facebook is good for people who donot own blogs.

Facebook is good for people donot know a thing about blogging.

If you want to discuss something, write a article and post it on your blog instead of discussing on Facebook.

You can earn on your blog by using adsense or Chitika

Comment on other blogs on subject of your interest.

Update your blog at least weekly.

There are many good social media options for bloggers.

For bloggers mybloglog by yahoo or blogburst or mylot or entrecard are better options.

mybloglog is purely for blogger. It is backed by yahoo. mybloglog is Best for bloggers.

mylot pays you for using their website and it is very easy to use. mylot has quite high Alexa ranking.

Blogburst also pays you. Blogburst needs original writers with good quality blog with quality content.

Blogcatalog is also helpful to bloggers, but they donot allow you to promote your blog directly.

Yuwie or yuwie also pays you for using their social website. But there are many popup ads and this social media is quite slow.

Digg is very good for bloggers.

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