Village - Zen story

Four farmers were sitting under a tree playing cards and were enjoying the game in their ancestral village.

It was morning hour of a beautiful day. The farming season was over and farmers were waiting for crops to mature.

Five executives working in a corporate house were traveling through the village in their luxury car. They stopped by to rest on their long journey to their production factory. These executives stopped their car near these four farmers and started talking to them.

These five executives asked farmers

Five executives: “What are you doing? Why are you wasting time by being idle and playing cards? Why don't you work?”

Four Farmers: “We have completed farming and waiting for crop to mature. We have already worked on harvesting our crops. Why do you want us to work?”

Five Executives: “So that you can make progress.”

Four Farmers: “How?”

Five Executives: “If you work hard you can have a big house.”

Four Farmers: “We have it, then.”

Five Executives: “If you work harder you can have big luxury car or fleet of cars.”

Four Farmers: “Ok, then.”

Five Executives: “Then you can have your own swimming pool and your own Jacuzzi.”

Four Farmers: “We have pond and river in our village, then.”

Five Executives: “Then you can have your own farm house.”

Four Farmers: “We have it, then.”

Five Executives: “Then you can enjoy your life.”

Four Farmers: “That’s what we are doing. We are enjoying. Are you enjoying?”

Five Executives received a call from their senior executive, asking them where they are and when they will reach the production factory.

Five executives walked towards their car to reach their factory early.


  1. Excellent! And so true. Thank you!

  2. alapoet you are cool. Thanks for encouraging me to write more.

  3. This is a great story...and important story. Did you make this one up or is it someone else's. It is just wonderful and something we all need to think about....especially here in America. And definitely keep writing. Your heart is always in the very best place...a true and good heart!

  4. rainforest, this is one of the best story to be understood by the people. Marketing experts convey through ads that only modern fancy costly gadgets can only make people happy, and it gets ingrained in the individual, so the individual forgets the basics like air, water, trees, mountains, sun, moon, sky, smell, space.

  5. Hi,

    Nice story.
    Like zen.

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