The humming breathing exercise - Brahmari pranayam : Ramdev Baba

Ramdev Baba

Sit erect ( spine straight ) in any comfortable position.

Raise your hand, both palms facing your forehead.

Close your ears with the help of your thumbs so that you do not hear any outside sound.

Place your index finger on forehead, close your eyes by placing comfortably next two fingers, ring finger and middle finger on your eyes. The little finger should be placed on the side of the nostril base.

Inhale through both nostrils at your comfort level.

Exhale through both nostrils making humming sound like mmmmmmmmm or hummmmmmmm in your throat.

Keep your mouth closed.

The sound while exhaling is like a honey / humming / buzzing bee.

Repeat. Their is no sound while inhaling.

Do this breathing exercise from 3 to 21 times as per your comfort level.

This breathing exercise makes you feel relaxed, helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Do this breathing exercise and experience the benefit.

All breathing and yogic exercises develop your complete body.

Please consult registered medical practitioner before doing any exercise.


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