Easy Breathing Exercise - Anulom Vilom - Ramdev Baba

Anuloma-Viloma by Ramdev Baba

In this breathing exercise, take deep breathe / inhale from one nostril and exhale from other nostril alternatively.

Exercise steps:

- Sit in a comfortable position.
- Spine straight.
- Relax
- Always start this exercise inhaling from left nostril and end this exercise exhaling from left nostril.
- Close right nostril with right thumb. We are starting this exercise here with right hand. If you feel you can even do this exercise with left hand.
- Take deep breath in from left nostril into your lungs.
- Next close left nostril with middle and ring finger
- Open right nostril
- Exhale / breathe out from right nostril.
- Inhale / breathe in from right nostril
- Close the right nostril
- Open left nostril and exhale / breathe out.
- Repeat till you feel comfortable.

While doing this breathing exercise inhale and exhale comfortably.

Keep right hand in relaxed position.

If right hand gets tired hold right hand with left hand to give support to right hand or do this exercise with left hand.

If you donot feel comfortable doing this exercise, stop immediately.

Normally a new person should do this exercise for two minutes and slowly increase it to 7 minutes a day.

This exercise balances the complete body. It gives good exercise to lungs.

This exercise is helps in relaxing, helps in bringing high blood pressure to normal balanced level.

Always do any exercise after consulting registered medical practitioner.

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  1. Glad to see you discovered ways to enable more people to post on your blog. Your easy breathing exercise is inspiring. The physical effects are very positive in practice. Mental relaxation is something anyone can learn well.