Asanas focus stress at the gross level of existence : physical level. It comprise of various stretches and poses. These are to be performed with complete awareness, slow and gentle movement without any jerks.

The duality of muscles i.e. contraction & relaxation loses balance in stress. Our muscles tend to contract and become tense as a response to stress. In a prolonged, chronically stressful situation, the muscles may become chronically tensed. Yogasanas help us relax these areas by stretching the chronically stressed muscles. It also stimulates blood flow to the stretched areas, and helps regain the natural, relaxed state of muscles. With awareness of the actual physical movement are synchronized with the breath enhancing the relaxation, harmonizing and revitalizing the body and improving the function of the internal organs. This method of practice induces peace, balance and onepointedness which in turn brings about harmony in the physical body.

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