Why am I born? Why have I come on this earth?

About 8 years back a friend of mine was going to meet an astrologer. It was Sunday, a holiday, so he asked me to accompany him. I accompanied to the astrologer with him.

We went to astrologer's house. My friend showed astrologer, his family's horoscope and asked various questions to astrologer.

After my friend got over with his questions, he asked me to ask any question to the astrologer.

I asked astrologer "Why am I born? Why have I come on this earth?"

Astrologer got stunned and surprised. He said nobody has ever in his lifetime asked him such question. He said that normally people ask him questions about money and told me that "You are the only person who has asked me such question". He said that he does not have the reply to this question.

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