The One Self in All

Everything perceived, felt and thought of is all nothing but the Self (You) only.

One Self (You) is the substratum (level lying below another) for the entire universe of names and forms.

There are some everyday phrases, often used thoughtlessly by even scientific men / women of education and understanding. “The conquest of nature” – “we must face reality” – “I came into this world”. All these declare our hallucination (seeming to see something not actually present) that each of us is an independent separate centre, which must confront an external, alien world of things and being.

The Universe around us is considered as alien and separate from us.

This concept that we have come into this world is against all scientific knowledge. We do not come into the world: we come out of it: as trees from earth.

We are not isolated helpless egos packed in separate bodies, but each a unique action of the whole Universe.

One who has awakened to experience the Self in his own bosom as unborn and beginning-less, has realized the Self in him as the Self-in-all. He / She (You) is freed from the delusion that he / she (you) is a limited individual. He / She (You) goes beyond the body-mind-intellect equipment- he /she (you) is no more a limited creature – he / she (you) comes to experience and live the Infinite.

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