The Egoless Attitude

The picture of the egoless personality appears to us to be but a zero-personality, with no self-assertion, no ambition, no dynamic living at all. It may only be a life of impotent sleep walking and a generation of such individuals would certainly upset all plans for the so called growth, progress and happy living. This will be the impression that will strike us at the very outset, when we try to grasp and conceive the attitude of the egoless person in the community.

Ego is the sense of “doership” in all actions springing forth from us. This “I-do mentality” asserts our individual responsibility and its people. Unnecessarily, thereafter, the ego comes to carry a heavy load of empty responsibilities!

A river moves on, by its own nature it is moving on. But it you were to sit on a rock and paddle your feet in its water, it is for the sheer joy of it. But to feel and then to assert that your paddling is the cause for the entire river movement is the play of the ego, and the exhaustions, anxiety, strains, etc. to maintain the river are the hollow rewards of your false attitude.

One sitting in a train need not push the train and cry “I am the one who is making the train move”.

The body is the capital city – where the ego has its palace - is fortressed by the physical body, with nine gateways for transactions with the world outside. The mouth, two nostrils, two eyes, two ears, one anus, one genital opening – together nine openings are there in every physical body. They are guarded well, and at night, in sleep, all are closed.

We all owe our today’s so called progress and civilization, science and culture, law and order, inventions and discoveries to this egoless attitude for inspiration with a touch of creativity.

Your all out participation in your studies and sincere discussions with the learned is necessary in order to gather clarity of understanding of egoless state.

The egoless or self realized neither rejoices while meeting what is pleasant nor grieves while meeting what is unpleasant. This state of “no reaction” may appear as a mental life, with neither joy nor sorrow! This state is not a state of dull emptiness, but is a state of “undecaying happiness”.


  1. Hi Raj,

    Your article on 'the Egoless Attitude' is very cool. The way you have explained Egolessness is really worth. It has given me a new understanding of life. Hope you continue with this. Your blog is very knowlege provide.


    Tom Woodworth

  2. Hello,

    I dont think it easy to become egoless

    S.A. Lutz