Sign the Petition - Nobel Prize in Physiology / Medicine / Peace for His Highness Baba Ramdev

Forward it to all your friends and relatives for good cause...
Yog Guru Ramdev,  is currently the most deserving living legend on earth to get the Honour of ''Nobel Prize in Physiology / Medicine / Peace''.

There is no second person we can think of who has taken up such a big cause of 'Human Health Healing Through Yog/Pranayam'' on such a massive scale across the world in so little time.

He has touched and cured millions of lives already across nations and given hope of healthy life to so many who could have been very cruelly taken away by their sickness all of a sudden. But Baba Ramdev gave that hope and safe, natural formula to live by practicing yog with supplementary help from Ayurvedic herbal treatment.

We feel proud as an Indian that both the sciences were discovered and practiced in ancient India and carried over to perfection in modern times by Baba Ramdev.

Followers who received benefits and got well are from all religions, castes and nationalities so who could be a more deserving person for Nobel Prize than Ramdev Ji. 'Light of Life' comes from Baba Ramdev's initiatives and his work done in the field.

Let us all come together in one voice and sign the petition  for Nobel Prize in Physiology / Medicine / Peace to .......Baba Ramdev.

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  1. It's a very good cause. It's not just honoring His Highness-Baba Ramdev but also through his efforts it's an honor for our country 'Bharat'(India), our ancient knowledge and Yogic practices for the well-being of human life all across. This makes us all feel very proud to be born in such a great land of wisdom and knowledge in its entirity.

    Renu Paul Ahluwalia.