Full World Cup Cricket 2007 Schedule

India, the World Cup champions in 1983 and finalists in 2003, will begin their campaign for the prestigious cup with a cricket match against Bangladesh March 17 in Port of Spain, West Indies.

The Rahul Dravid-led team will play minnows Bermuda two days later at the same venue and round off their Group B engagements with a match against Sri Lanka March 23.

Before the tournament begins, India will play warm up matches against The Netherlands and West Indies. Both matches will be played at the Trelawny Stadium in Jamaica March 6 and 9.


Group A: Australia, South Africa, Scotland and the Netherlands

Group B: India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Bermuda

Group C: New Zealand, England, Kenya and Canada

Group D: Pakistan, West Indies, Zimbabwe and Ireland


Pool A:

March 14: Australia vs Scotland

March 16: South Africa vs The Netherlands

March 18: Australia vs The Netherlands

March 20: South Africa vs Scotland

March 22: Scotland vs The Netherlands

March 24: Australia vs South Africa

(Venue: Warner Park, Basseterre, in St Kitts and Nevis)

Pool B:

March 15: Sri Lanka vs Bermuda

March 17: India vs Bangladesh

March 19: India vs Bermuda

March 21: Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh

March 23: India vs Sri Lanka

March 25: Bermuda vs Bangladesh

(Venue: Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago)

Pool C:

March 14: Kenya vs Canada

March 16: England vs New Zealand

March 18: England vs Canada

March 20: New Zealand vs Kenya

March 22: New Zealand vs Canada

March 24: England vs Kenya

(Venue: Beausejour Stadium, Gros Islet in St Lucia)

Pool D:

March 13: West Indies vs Pakistan

March 15: Zimbabwe vs Ireland

March 17: Pakistan vs Ireland

March 19: West Indies vs Zimbabwe

March 21: Zimbabwe vs Pakistan

March 23: West Indies vs Ireland

(Venue: Sabina Park, Kingston in Jamaica)

Super Eight:

March 27: D2 vs A1, Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Antigua

March 28: A2 vs B1, Providence Stadium, Guyana

March 29: D2 vs C1, Antigua

March 30: D1 vs C2, Guyana

March 31: A1 vs B2, Antigua

April 1: D2 vs B1, Guyana

April 2: B2 vs C1, Antigua

April 3: D1 vs A2, Guyana

April 4: C2 vs B1, Antigua

April 7: B2 vs A2, Guyana

April 8: A1 vs C2, Antigua

April 9: D1 vs C1, Providence Stadium, Guyana

April 10: D2 vs A2, National Cricket Stadium, St George's, Grenada

April 11: C2 vs B2, Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados

April 12: B1 vs C1, St George's

April 13: A1 vs D1, Barbados

April 14: A2 vs C1, St George's

April 15: B2 vs D1, Barbados

April 16: A1 vs B1, St George's

April 17: A2 vs C2, Barbados

April 18: D1 vs B1, St George's

April 19: D2 vs B2, Barbados

April 20: A1 vs C1, St George's

April 21: D2 vs C2, Barbados

Semi-finals: Top four teams in Super Eight league will play the semi-finals

April 24: First semi-final (2nd placed team vs 3rd), Sabina Park, Kingston

April 25: Second semi-final (1st vs 4th), Beausejour Stadium, Gros Islet

Final: April 28: Kensington Oval, Bridgetown

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